WOOD MASTERS Carved Teko 703 (28cm)



Carved Wooden Teko Teko with Paua eyes & inlaid design on base. A wonderful gift or souvenir or a very impressive corporate gift award. Ideal for corporate, business, sporting or academic achievements and recognition. Tekoteko are wooden carved human-like figures commonly representing Maori tribal ancestors and in general protection and guardianship. Historically these figures were placed on the gable of (meeting) houses (wharenui) but there are also freestanding tekoteko like this product shown.

Size: 28cm. (approximately)

Wood Masters
Over the last forty years, Wood Masters has grown to represent New Zealand’s unique cultural heritage by successfully combining Whakairo (the Art of Māori Carving) with fine European craftsmanship. The locally trained carvers, using traditional techniques, work alongside other expert woodworkers with different technical skills. Made in Rotorua, New Zealand.


These figures were freestanding figures that stood on top of carved meeting houses. Most of these figures had a stance that represented a position in a haka, or a fighting stance, with a weapon. The purpose of the teko teko was to overlook the forecourt in front of a carved house and challenge any visitors to the tribe. If the visitors were deemed to be friendly, teko teko would then offer protection.


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